11-12 March 2025

London ExCeL


Richard Dinan

CEO. Pulsar

Speaker profile

Richard Dinan is the founder of Pulsar Fusion, a private manufacturer of nuclear fusion reactors and space propulsion engines in the UK.

Richard founded the company (Previously under Applied Fusion Systems) in 2011 and has been working on the development of fusion energy for more than 10 years. Richard has a passionate commitment and belief in the technology as a solution to many of mankind’s most pressing problems- global warming, cleaner and faster power generation, space travel, and space migration.

By researching technologies and networking with prominent academics in the field, Richard has built up a powerful team of like minded scientists who are not only committed to fusion, but want to see it fast tracked and commercialised in the private sector, through Pulsar.

Author of ‘The Fusion Age – Modern Nuclear Reactors’

Built and designed rapid prototyping facilities for European Defence and Aerospace companies, including Airbus, Jaguar Land Rover and The Dubai Space Agency.

His robotics and prototyping innovations have been endorsed and showcased by the British government and were used by David Cameron to represent British innovation at Germany’s CeBit in 2014.

Guest lecturer at Imperial College to Master of Science (MSc) students, speaking on business development and rapid prototyping.

Guest lecturer at Oxford University: his lecture ‘Private Nuclear Fusion Reactors’ is available to view on YouTube.

Currently serves on the judging panel of the Great British Entrepreneur Awards. Richard is a Named Inventor on 11, granted US/EU/UK patents.


Wednesday 06 March


14:50 - 15:50   |   Keynote Theatre

From LEO and Lunar to Mars and Beyond - Critical technology and breakthroughs that can facilitate commercialisation in space exploration

Giacomo Gatto

McKinsey and Company

Richard Dinan


John Auburn

Chief Strategy Officer and Member of the Board ,

Dr Daniel Pérez Grande

Founder and CEO,
ienai SPACE

Dr Meganne Christian

Reserve Astronaut / Exploration Commercialisation Lead ,
UK Space Agency

Dr David Parker

Special Advisor to the Director General,
European Space Agency (ESA)

Lucas Bishop

Seraphim Space

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