11-12 March 2025

London ExCeL


Wednesday 06 March

14:50 - 15:50   |   Keynote Theatre

From LEO and Lunar to Mars and Beyond – Critical technology and breakthroughs that can facilitate commercialisation in space exploration

This session aims to highlight the development of innovative space technologies that have enabled record growth in the new space economy and how the fourth industrial revolution is impacting space exploration. The discussion will focus on the importance of collaboration and support at a global level to unlock future opportunities in the space exploration sector and ways to capitalise on future missions through investments. It will bring stakeholders from the wider space exploration spectrum including advanced manufacturing, autonomy and artificial intelligence, communications and mission operations, in-situ resource utilisation, life support and crew performance, navigation and sensing, propulsion, robotics, sample curation and space nuclear power to better understand the challenges that the industry face and how to bridge the gap and adapt to the new realities of space exploration.

See speaker profiles

Giacomo Gatto

McKinsey and Company

Richard Dinan


John Auburn


Dr Daniel Pérez Grande

ienai SPACE

Dr Meganne Christian

UK Space Agency

Dr David Parker

European Space Agency (ESA)

Lucas Bishop

Seraphim Space

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