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Roundtables enable you to meet with peers in an exclusive business environment. An open forum to discuss issues within the industry and how to tackle them.

Roundtables are a crucial part of Space-Comm Expo, providing visitors a place to share opinions and thoughts in an open discussion, and listen to other points of view. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to make connections and network.

Invitation Only

Each of our roundtables have been created bespoke to each topic, and your attendance is needed to ensure we have balanced and diverse viewpoints for each theme being discussed. Places are limited, so please don’t miss out on the opportunity to provide your vital experience and knowledge.

Please note, roundtables are invitation only. To have access, you must have received an email confirmation from the event organisers to take part.

If you have any questions, please contact spacecomm@hubexhibitions.co.uk

2024 Roundtables



Airbus Roundtable
6th March 2024   |   12:30 - 13:30

Connecting, Inspiring & Growing UK Space: Prosperity through partnership

Synopsis: Airbus Defence and Space has recently launched its Community for Space Prosperity (CUSP) partnership programme to help recognise, value and boost it’s investment in space prosperity across the UK space sector. Airbus invests in the UK space sector every day making a positive contribution to school children, students, employees, SME’s, Start-ups, industry and space sector partners and Customers across Government. The goal of CUSP is to work together to connect, inspire and grow UK space.

The Airbus roundtable is a cross disciplinary discussion and problem solving session to help build momentum and stimulate action. We invite attendees to provide us feedback on the CUSP programme, bringing their experience and ideas to help us steer and shape our focus for greatest impact. We will look closely at the well-recognised space sector skills challenge to identify where, who and how we can take positive action to make a difference. We will also explore the partnership and collaboration opportunities that will shape prosperity and growth in the fields of technology, capability, regional development, social impact and exports.

Target Audience: TBC

Qualifications: TBC


Joseph Bray – Business Development: UK & Key Markets, Airbus Defence and Space.



Rolls-Royce Roundtable
7th March 2024   |   11:00 - 12:00

How can the UK leverage domestic Industry, Academia and Government collaboration to make space nuclear power a reality?

Synopsis:  For the last 60 years Rolls-Royce has been at the forefront of nuclear knowledge and innovation. The Novel Nuclear team is looking to the future, developing revolutionary new nuclear technology for use in Space and back on earth. These energy efficient applications include harnessing the power of naturally decaying nuclear material, providing reliable power systems with extremely long-life spans, and nuclear Micro-Reactors as a self-contained and power dense solution. But they can’t do it alone. Space Nuclear offers a unique opportunity for collaboration between UK Industry / Academia / Government, solving limitations that have challenged space exploration since humankind first broke through the earth’s atmosphere.

Target Audience: UK Space, Defence Space and Nuclear Industry/Academia/Government stakeholders who are responsible for enabling or unlocking domestic collaboration. Example job titles include Head of Business Development, Head of Policy; Head of Government Relations; Head of Innovation.

Qualifications: Space or Nuclear related qualifications/experience. Experience working with emerging Space or Nuclear technologies.


Mark Cheesman – Head of Business Development and Future Programmes, Rolls-Royce.

This roundtable is now FULLY BOOKED, if you would like to meet the Rolls-Royce team, please do visit their stand on the show floor (N30) at Space-Comm Expo!

BAE Systems Digital Intelligence

BAE Systems Digital Intelligence

BAE Systems Digital Intelligence Roundtable
7th March 2024   |   12:30 - 13:30

What sovereign Space capabilities does the UK need and how can the sector come together to deliver these for both civil and defence?

Synopsis: As the only pan-global domain that sits across all aspects of society, space has a unique capability to tackle both civil and defence challenges. It’s dual-use application makes it ideally placed to support national security needs – for example tracking the movement of adversary armed forces in real time – while at the same time shaping responses to natural disasters such as floods or monitoring weather conditions. To deliver the capabilities required now and in the future, the space sector must align with government priorities, develop frameworks that enable us to exploit the rapid pace of technology development, and drive collaboration across the entire UK space ecosystem. Only by building on our existing strengths in areas such as digital innovation and communications will we be able to develop sovereign capabilities that deliver national advantage. Join our round table to discuss the key issues and define an action plan that can be used as reference by the UK.

Target Audience: TBC

Qualifications: TBC

Speakers: TBC

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