11-12 March 2025

London ExCeL


Thursday 07 March

13:40 - 14:30   |   Keynote Theatre

Harmonising Space Security and Orbital Responsibility: The interplay of defence space capabilities and sustainable practices

While enhancing space capabilities is paramount for the defence space industry, it is equally imperative for organisations to build and operate with sustainability in mind. The defence space initiatives can enhance national security, but they may also introduce challenges around orbital congestion and debris accumulation, posing risks to both military and civilian space assets. Striking a balance between defence needs and sustainable space practices is crucial to ensure the long-term viability of space activities. This session will consider a range of themes from establishing responsible behaviours and regulation to build mutual confidence, to the role of global collaboration in achieving Defence and security outcomes. In doing so, it will explore the intersection between sustainability, security and space to discuss key steps in establishing the right environment for growth and explore the compelling reasons why defence space entities need to prioritise sustainability in their endeavours.

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Neil Rae


Prof Nicolas Peter

International Space University

Dr Rory Holmes


Nik Smith

Lockheed Martin UK SPACE

Chris White-Horne

UK Space Agency

Louis Head

DLA Piper

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