11-12 March 2025

London ExCeL


Thursday 07 March

15:00 - 16:00   |   Small Sats Theatre

5G NTN Take’s Flight: 5G non-terrestrial networks evolving towards 6G

From the beginning, 3GPPs vision of ubiquitous communication included the usage of satellite or airborne based network components.

With Release 17 in 3GPP, the vision of ubiquitous communication networks using satellites, is becoming a reality. Satellites from LEO to GEO, or airborne base stations (HAPS), can be launched and connected to terrestrial ground stations in a feasible way. Radio technologies like 5G New Radio support a reliable connection from mobile devices to stations at high altitude.

This presentation will outline the technology evolution from the first NTN up to the anticipated technology evolutions on the path to 6G. The NTN technology starts with transparent mode architecture, incorporates regenerative mode and multi-connectivity mobility scenarios on a mid-term basis, and then looks towards long-term aspects like 3D unified networks.

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Reiner Stuhlfauth

Rohde & Schwarz

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