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Putting Scotland on the international space stage: Space-Comm Expo Scotland 2024 Conference Themes

Putting Scotland on the international space stage: Space-Comm Expo Scotland 2024 Conference Themes

18th June 2024

The first ever Space-Comm Expo Scotland is only a few months away and already we have an incredible line-up of speakers, panels, content and of course, exhibitors. 


Scotland is the obvious choice to launch a new, world class international space Expo. The country is an emerging powerhouse in the global space sector, distinguished by its vibrant community of space technology companies and manufacturing expertise, pioneering academic institutions, and its strategic geographical advantages for satellite launches.


As the world’s leading international industry space event, Space-Comm Expo Scotland is providing a two day programme of free world-class content across plenary sessions and separate Keynote and Downstream  theatres. Industry experts from all over the world will gather together in Glasgow in September: world class keynote speakers already announced include Will Whitehorn, Chair, Seraphim Space Investment Trust; Professor Malcolm Macdonald, Chair of Applied Space Technology at the University of Strathclyde and Dr Hina Khan, Executive Director, Space Scotland. More will be announced over the coming weeks.


There are several key conference themes which will be discussed in both plenary sessions and keynote presentations:


Scaling Up and Accelerating Growth

Empowering Growth: Enhancing Support Mechanisms for Space Sector SMEs

This session will gather diverse stakeholders from the industry to identify practical solutions to common challenges faced by SMEs in scaling up, such as accessing capital, navigating government procurement processes, and leveraging technological advancements.


Strengthening Global Collaboration in Space

This panel will delve into the critical role of international partnerships in the space industry. Featuring insights from experts and visionary leaders, the discussion will

explore the importance of global collaboration in advancing space exploration,

technology development and commercial opportunities.


Sustainability at the Forefront of Space Activities

Dual Horizons: Ensuring Sustainability in Orbit and on Earth

The session addresses the dual challenges of maintaining the long-term usability of

outer space and mitigating the environmental impacts associated with space industry

activities on Earth. This discussion will highlight the economic implications of sustainable practices in the space sector, identifying new opportunities

for growth and competitiveness in the global market, and establishing clear, transparent metrics for measuring and reporting on sustainability efforts.


Current Capabilities and Opportunities for the Future

Leveraging Space Data for Multi-sector Innovation

As part of our Downstream focus, this panel discussion will explore the transformative impact of space-derived data in sectors such as agriculture, financial services, insurance, and environmental management. The session will provide insights into the practical applications of space data, highlight innovative projects and technologies, and identify strategies to overcome barriers to adoption.


Strategic Pathways for Developing Advanced Launch Capabilities

This session will dive deep into the development and enhancement of satellite launch capabilities, exploring the synergies between geographical advantages, technological innovations, and strategic collaborations. Representatives from spaceports, satellite companies, and launch service providers will share insights on international collaborations that streamline regulatory processes and enhance technological capabilities.


Building the Workforce of Tomorrow

Navigating the Future – Skill Development and Educational Outreach

This panel will address the industry’s most pressing challenge: developing future talent. Experts will explore the critical need for a skilled and diverse future workforce to support the rapidly evolving space industry. The panel will provide an overview of, and generate actionable insights into current skill gaps and strategies to align educational outputs with industry needs.


The Future is Now – What It’s Really Like to Work in Space?

A first ever panel of its kind at a space conference, this inspirational session will invite 150 interns to explore the exciting world of space innovation and careers. The session will feature young professionals, early-career scientists, and innovators who are making significant impacts in the space sector.


Boosting Investments and Capitalising Space

Meet the Buyer Programme

Our popular Meet the Buyer programme is designed to facilitate direct connections between suppliers and procurement specialists, investor and supply chain decision-makers from across the sector and acts as a strategic enabler for business growth and market expansion.


Exploring Investment Opportunities in the New Space Economy

This panel discussion aims to unravel the intricate investment landscape of the space industry, focusing on the dynamic and rapidly growing sector. The discussion will focus on identifying the pivotal areas of opportunity for investors, discuss the unique challenges faced by start-ups and established companies in securing funding, and explore the impact of investment on the technological advancements and scalability of space ventures. The session seeks to provide a balanced view by assessing the current investment trends, identifying the gaps in funding, and offering insights into creating a more conducive environment for capital inflow.

Register today for your free entry tickets to Space-Comm Expo Scotland, which gives you access to the theatres across both days, 11-12 September at the SEC in Glasgow.

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