11-12 March 2025

London ExCeL

Calling all Space Entrepreneurs: Space-Comm Expo 2024 Conference Themes

Calling all Space Entrepreneurs: Space-Comm Expo 2024 Conference Themes

30th January 2024

Dubbed the ‘year of the space entrepreneur’ by UK Space Agency, 2024 is set to be a transformative year for the entire space industry, with more missions, start-ups and investments set to be launched and established. The space industry has been growing by a staggering rate of 21% in private investment and this isn’t due to slow down.

The UK’s largest industry space event, Space-Comm Expo, provides an opportunity to collaborate and discuss learnings, legislation, future demand and opportunities. This year’s programme is focusing on several key themes: commercialising space, collaboration, sustainability, defence and investment.

Unmissable themed sessions include:


Commercialising Space:

Space launch – Is there room for everyone?

This session brings the discussion around the supply and demand landscape of the space launch sector and how the industry can drive the growth of the launch market. This debate will focus on both short-term and long-term opportunities within the launch market and what are the potential growth scenarios in the coming years.

The next generation of commercial space stations and their impact on the new space ecosystem

Speakers will discuss whether the demands of the private sector have materialized enough to fill the gap in the LEO, the feasibility of running and maintaining a space station and how private entities will sustain the operations.

From LEO and lunar to mars and beyond – critical technology and breakthroughs that can facilitate commercialisation in space exploration

This session will highlight the development of innovative space technologies that have enabled record growth in the new space economy and how the fourth industrial revolution is impacting space exploration.

Collaboration & Defence:

Accelerating and deepening international cooperation – barriers and opportunities

The panel will discuss and debate the key characteristics of the international landscape to highlight the macro trends and any lessons from international cooperation so far. Furthermore, the panel will consider how some of the real and perceived barriers may be overcome – such as regulatory, technology, cultural, political, and national security concerns.

The rising concerns of grey zone space wars

This session will bring the global defence leaders from the government, military, and commercial industry to discuss the strategies for responding to the grey zone threats in space and navigating through the complexities. More importantly, should the commercial companies be involved and what are the implications if they get involved?

Establishing security in the new space economy

This panel will consider a range of themes from establishing responsible behaviours and regulation to build mutual confidence, to the role of global collaboration in achieving Defence and security outcomes.  In doing so, it will explore the intersection between sustainability, security and space to discuss key steps in establishing the right environment for growth.

The underestimated threat of cyberattacks and how they may affect national space capabilities

This panel will discuss the importance of prioritising the security of space assets and how the space supply chain must adopt a security-first approach and work together to ensure the space assets are designed with proper security measures.

Sustainability & Investment:

The road to sustainable finance: Leveraging space and artificial intelligence for a greener future

The panel will discuss the opportunities the space sector can offer to the financial ecosystem and how the real-time spatial data with the advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies can potentially support the transition to a sustainable global economy.

Moving towards a sustainable future in space and setting the scene for a circular economy

This session will analyse the challenges relating to the time-to-market gap and what would be the affordable growth capability. It will bring together various stakeholders of the industry to discuss sustainability, both in orbit and on earth, optimizing the use of resources, stimulating innovation and developing technologies that can contribute to the sustainable development goals.


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