11-12 March 2025

London ExCeL






Business profile

wolfSSL’s Cybersecurity products are currently in service in the sky protecting space based assets from compromise.
wolfSSL’s TLS, secure boot and cryptography libraries are used by every branch of the US military, and we are deployed in satellites, tanks, missile systems and aircraft.
wolfBoot, our secure bootloader, secures satellites by ensuring that any firmware update is signed and verified by our wolfCrypt FIPS 140-3 cryptography library. We also support TLS 1.3 or SSH for secure delivery of the updated firmware, should you be concerned about the security of your network connection and potentially subject to man in the middle attacks. wolfSSL can run ‘over the top’ of the various satellite communications standards. To hear more about our wolfSSL library, the wolfCrypt encryption engine, wolfBoot Secure Bootloader, wolfSSL Support for DO-178C DAL A.

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