11-12 March 2025

London ExCeL


Swedish Space Corporation

Swedish Space Corporation



Business profile

SSC – Swedish Space Corporation provides world-class space services to commercial and institutional customers around the globe. We began in 1966 and are today a leader in the global space industry. Our unrivalled prowess in space-to-Earth connectivity, complete launch mission support, data analytics and processing services help drive research and technologies that make our world a better place.

  • Science and Launch: We provide a wide spectrum of launch and test services for both suborbital and orbital launches.
  • SSC Connect: Via one of the world’s largest civilian networks of ground stations, we provide reliable access to satellites in most orbits.
  • Engineering: We provide consulting expertise to all phases of our customers’ space programs.
  • Data Analytics: We use space data to develop sustainable strategies and ethical practices into future decision making.

We help Earth benefit from Space

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