11-12 March 2025

London ExCeL






Business profile

Skypaq provide a full managed IT service including provision of suitable hardware, bespoke software development, secure data hosting and data integration, a ‘one-stop shop’ for implementing IT projects within the enterprise.

Our primary focus is on aerospace and high-end engineering projects with clients such as Airbus, Alaska Airlines and Finnair and we also work with public sector organizations such as the national synchrotron science facility in the UK.

As Skypaq develops all of its own software, it can respond rapidly to customer demands.  This is especially important with industrial, aerospace and utility companies where integration with large ERP systems are vital to the success of any IT project.  Skypaq prides itself on developing solutions that are outside the scope of major IT systems and delivering these ‘on-time and in-budget’ to our clients.

Skypaq’s own software team are expert at providing niche solutions and we also have a template in place for a workorder solution.  Secure Data Hosting is provided by our partners, Blacknight.

Skypaq’s eXpedite provides both flexible warehouse software and hardware with a secure data hosting / integration facility to provide a complete IT platform for your warehouse or parts store.

Our partnerships with companies such as Zetes and Zebra allow  us to provide all the IT requirements for your workers. Data Hosting is provided by our partners, Blacknight. Recently we’ve partnered with Jitterbit to provide a managed data integration platform for the aerospace industry.

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