11-12 March 2025

London ExCeL


Business profile

Siemens is the biggest engineering company in Europe, and has extensive experience in automation, digitalisation and manufacturing. This enables Siemens Digital Industries to understand their customers, helping them to analyse their business requirements and find the right solutions to their problems.


Siemens Digital Industries provides software tools and engineering solutions to the primary global industries such as, automotive, transportation, autonomous devices, renewable energy, aerospace, consumer products, electronics, marine, agricultural equipment, industrial machinery, and medical devices.


As businesses mature and product complexity increases, they may soon experience limitations with their current systems. The software tools provided by Siemens Digital Industries can integrate with existing systems, including third-party systems. This offers companies the flexibility to grow at their pace, as their business needs change.


The breadth of the Siemens portfolio allows businesses to design, develop, simulate, test, and manufacture their products. Siemens provides these industry-leading capabilities to companies of all sizes. From early-stage star-tups, small/medium sized businesses, and larger enterprises. Siemens is exhibiting at Space-Com Expo 2024 in March, to support anyone focusing on automation, digitalisation and manufacturing.



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