11-12 March 2025

London ExCeL






Business profile

Founded in 1995, Profen is a leading player in the global communications technologies market. With its own research and development Centre and offices in Istanbul, Ankara, Konya, Tewkesbury (UK), and Baku (Azerbaijan), Profen has been providing cutting-edge solutions to customers around the world for more than 28 years.

Profen offers top-notch satellite communication services to the partners and clients worldwide. Profen strengthens its services via privately owned and operated Data Centre and Ground Stations in Konya and Ankara locations. Profen’s multiple locations in Turkey ensure company’s position to meet various needs coming from the clients and partners while giving the most reliable and sustainable services possible. In the time where uninterrupted communication is essential, our multiple data centre and ground stations have become a prominent instrument for increased availability, disaster recovery and improved scalability.

Profen has the unique capability to design, manufacture and provide engineering services with satellite background and implement turn-key solutions for its clients while combining different technologies and disciplines.

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