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Bringing the future of the space to reality – Space-Comm Expo 2023 show themes

Bringing the future of the space to reality – Space-Comm Expo 2023 show themes

1st June 2023

2023 is a landmark year for the UK space and with the global industry evolving at an exponential rate, this year’s Space-Comm Expo is providing an opportunity to collaborate and discuss learnings, legislation, future demand and opportunities across nine themes:

  • The future of the space economy
  • Digital Transformation in the space sector
  • Long-term space exploration missions
  • Commercial launch and space tourism
  • Space sovereignty and global space governance
  • Role of commercial space in defence
  • Space sustainability: SDA and debris mitigation
  • Pathway to a multi-orbit future
  • Creating new economies in space

Headlined this year by Tim Peake, our future-focused education programme will be showcased across three dedicated theatres, which will cover insightful debates, technology and product-led showcases, and keynotes sharing the opportunities and challenges that are shaping industry.

So, let’s delve into the detail of what each of these themes will cover and why they are shaping Space-Comm Expo 2023.


The future of the space economy

Securing the future of space is in reaching distance, and to fully grasp it, we as an industry need to collaborate with our stakeholders, supply chain and wider ecosystem.

Space-Comm Expo is gathering the global space agencies to understand their views on the industry’s future and ways to stimulate the growth of the new space economy that is sustainable and reliant.


Digital transformation in the space sector

Digital transformation is a powerful strategy that is enabling growth in the space sector by increasing efficiency and accelerating technical and engineering innovation. From next-generation AI capabilities, edge computing, and digital twins to data-driven decision-making, digital technologies – how digital transformation can advance sustainable long-term space operations.


Long-term space exploration missions

As agencies across the globe announce new missions, Space-Comm Expo will focus on how to collaborate at an international level to develop sustainable human space exploration programmes. Education sessions on this topic will include discussions around both lunar and Mars infrastructure and technologies that will support living and working from planetary outposts.


Commercial launch and space tourism

What was just thought possible in movies is now a reality for the current generation, with the emergence of space tourism. Under this theme our sessions will discuss how the industry can minimise launch infrastructure, improve responsiveness, and build flexible launch capabilities that will lead to the growth of the space launch industry.


Space sovereignty and global space governance

These topical sessions will bring the global defence leaders on one platform to share their insights on the approach that needs to be adopted to ensure the safety of our space systems. Speakers will discuss how to navigate through this increasingly competitive and complex landscape, while safeguarding peaceful use of outer space through international cooperation.


Role of commercial space in defence

As well as the commercial opportunities of space, the defence industry is keen to attribute its own focus on the outcomes of an expanded space sector. Our defence-focused sessions will concentrate on defining ways to safeguard access to space for commercial and government capabilities and protect national interests, as well as discuss the future of the defence-space ecosystem and how to leverage commercial capabilities and innovation for defence.


Space sustainability: SDA and debris mitigation

Given the number of new and existing objects and ease of accessibility to space, the threats to the existing systems are increasing dramatically, and it requires international cooperation in one way or the other. We are focusing on space sustainability to generate collaboration and define the role of government in creating regulations and policies around future-proofing space.


Pathway to a multi-orbit future

Our multi-orbit future theme will analyse the LEO, MEO, and GEO systems, as well as the capabilities of hybrid, multi-layered systems and how combining the orbital regimes can lead to efficient utilisation of resources in orbit.


Creating new economies in space

The frequent launches, growth in funding, innovation, regulators working in lockstep with these new technologies, and the rising number of new entrants are some of the critical factors that are disrupting the new space economy. This programme theme goes a step further to discuss new technologies, innovations and far-reaching views of creating an in-orbit economy that will accelerate the development of new capabilities leading to the sustainable development of the earth.


The place for space to do business, we are proud to bring together decision-makers across the supply chain to further the commercial space sector with future-altering partnerships and hear from world-renowned experts on the immediate opportunities and challenges facing the industry.

Keen to find out how the industry plans to make their plans a reality? Visit the Space-Comm Expo website for more: space-comm.co.uk 

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