6-7 March 2024

Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre


Wednesday 07 June

11:40 - 12:10   |   Small Sats Theatre

Space sector applications of graphene and 2D materials

Aphrodite and Adrian will discuss the latest research and industrial activity in the emerging area of two dimensional (2D) materials. They will explain what are two dimensional materials, and how they can be used for applications in the space sector including:

    • Enabling construction material from Lunar and Martian regolith
    • A flexible and lightweight device for dynamic thermal control in space
    • How graphene enhanced materials are being designed for the next generation orbital space habitats
    • How 2D materials have solved the remaining technical problem for the space elevator

And they are looking forward to answering any questions from the audience.

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Dr Aphrodite Tomou


Adrian Nixon

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