6-7 March 2024

Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre


Wednesday 07 June

15:00 - 15:30   |   Small Sats Theatre

Revolutionizing Ground Station Systems: Unleashing the potential of electromagnetic tools for state-of-the-art phased arrays

Antenna Arrays are of paramount importance in various industries, including satellite communication (SATCOM), aerospace, and defense. These arrays play a vital role in enabling effective communication, enabling robust surveillance, and enhancing radar systems. In this presentation, we will learn how to develop state-of-the-art SATCOM antennas for multi-beam ground stations and user terminals using electromagnetic (EM) software. We will cover the antenna array design workflow, array synthesis and antenna placement analysis and optimization techniques. Finally, we will also briefly describe how EM software can be used to predict transmission mask regulation compliance.

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Dr. Sajid Asif

Dassault Systèmes

Dr. Ed Totten

Celestia Technologies Group UK Ltd