6-7 March 2024

Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre


Thursday 08 June

11:30 - 12:20   |   Keynote Theatre

PANEL: Space Sustainability: Building on SSA Capabilities and debris mitigation strategies

One of the key challenges faced by the global space sector is the amount of debris that is orbiting around the Earth. By 2025, it is predicted that there will be 25,000 additional satellites in space, the vast majority in low Earth orbit. With the forecast arrival of space tourism, the risk of a collision will only increase. Given the increasing number of space objects and ease of accessibility to space, the threats to the existing space systems increase dramatically, and it requires international cooperation in one way or another. This session will bring defence, industry and academia organisations to share their views on collaboration and the role of Government in creating regulations and policies around it.


  • Moderator: Prof Jean-Paul Kneib, Academic Director, eSpace
  • Andrew Faiola, Commercial Director, Astroscale
  • Nicolas Peter, Professor of the Practice in Space Policy and Internal Affairs, International Space University
  • Dr Rory Holmes, Managing Director, ClearSpace UK

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      Prof. Jean-Paul Kneib

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      Dr Rory Holmes

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