6-7 March 2024

Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre


Wednesday 07 June

16:40 - 17:30   |   Keynote Theatre

PANEL: Establishing a robust commercial launch sector

As the commercial space industry continues to develop, it will eventually decrease the barriers to entry, increase competition, lower costs, and ultimately democratise space travel for everyone. The emerging private players are increasingly disrupting the industry today, and the launch market is continuously driving towards the reduced cost to space access and, there is an urgent need to put a legal framework in place that supports the safety and sustainability of space. This session aims to gather the thought leaders from spaceports, regulators, spaceflight operators and launch service providers to discuss how the industry can work together and mitigate the launch challenges. It aims to discuss the challenges pertaining to the launch time, supplier shortages, technology, systems and processes that constrain access to space. It will focus on strategies to minimise launch infrastructure, improve responsiveness, and build flexible launch capabilities that will lead to the growth of the space launch and tourism sector.


  • Moderator – Luigi Scatteia, Associate Consulting, PwC France
  • Tim Johnson, Policy Director, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
  • Andrew Ratcliffe, Chief Engineer, UK Space Agency
  • Alan Thompson, Government Affairs, Skyrora Ltd
  • Kelvin Coleman, Associate Administrator, Commercial Space Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration
  • John Whalley, Chief Executive, Aerospace Wales Forum

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Luigi Scatteia


Tim Johnson

UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

Andrew Ratcliffe

Alan Thompson

Skyrora Ltd

Kelvin Coleman

Federal Aviation Administration

John Whalley

Aerospace Wales Forum